Peaches (Redhaven and Collins)

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Are you ready to try a sweet and juicy Moldovan peach? Ceralia Prim is able to deliver to you both fresh and frozen (cooled) peaches. Ping us via e-mail for more details!

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Redhaven variety is an excellent choice for preserving and freezing, as well as for fresh consumption, preparation of jam, cakes and jellies. The fruit is yellow with red shades. The fleshy part detaches easily from the seed, it’s sweet and juicy. The plantation provides fruits in abundance only a few years after planting. This culture is characterized by self-pollination, a high resistance to cold, drought and disease. It adapts easily to different climatic conditions and soil types.
Collins variety is comming from United States, ripening in the second half of July. Fruits are medium sized, easily slotted. The yield can be up to 30-35 kg per tree.