Moldovan Plums (Stanley & Kabardinka)

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Are you ready to try our delicious, fleshy and succulent plums from Moldova? Ceralia Prim is able to deliver to you both fresh and dry plums. Ping us via e-mail for more details!

Plum is a fruit originated in the region around the Caucasus, which has been adapted to temperate climatic conditions of Southeastern Europe. The fruit provides a lot of vitamins and nutrients, it is the richest source of vitamin K, necessary for blood formation, as well as the richest source of potassium, necessary for strengthening the cardiovascular system. It has a low calories level, contains no lipids, but has a rich in carbohydrates content instead.
Stanley variety has oval fruits of large size, ~ 50gr. The purple membrane is sealed with a thin layer of wax, while the fleshy part is green.
Кabardinka variety, originating in the North Caucasus, is characterized by large sized fruits of ~ 55-60gr., with a wide-oval shape. They taste sweet and aromatic, the membrane is dark blue with reddish hues.
Chachakskaya Naybolee variety has oval, violet fruits of large size, ~ 50-65gr, with a sweet and flavored taste.